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Zedi Control Center


Zedi Control Center

Unlock the full value of your remote monitoring and control systems with our 24/7 monitoring and response service.

With Zedi Control Center, your automated wells are remotely supervised, controlled, and properly alarmed at the fraction of the cost of an operator’s time. Rather than your operators spending time on managing your monitoring applications, sifting through data, and responding to improperly set alarms, they’ll quickly get the information they need while our specially trained experts handle the rest. Our Control Center service enhances your operations staff by cutting through the noise associated with well notifications and data, so you can focus on what is truly important.

Save valuable time and money through a reduction in downtime and the proper distribution of valuable resources. Reduce operator field time by eliminating unnecessary well site trips, easing staffing challenges and ensuring effective use of existing staff. By putting remote monitoring in the hands of Zedi Control Center, you will discover cost reductions so significant that you should be able to operate profitably in any commodity price environment.

Key Benefits

  • Cut alarms down by 90% by eliminating nuisance alarms, freeing you to quickly react to true emergencies.
  • Slash time in the field by a quarter by focusing your operations team only on true priority conditions.
  • Reduce downtime and increase production by ensuring operations gets the information they need when they need it.


  • 24/7 supervision and response
  • Customized reports of call and incident logs and daily production
  • Call outs and escalation of critical issues
  • Alarm analysis and optimization
  • Quarterly reviews to assess well dynamics and update missing data

  • Zedi Access

    Zedi Access is our production data management platform that provides a clear, consolidated, online view of what’s happening in the field. This powerful tool provides easy access to production and operations data, real-time visibility of the field, and remote control of well site functions in a single source, regardless of the field instrument used at site.

    Zedi Access


  • Zedi SCADA

    Zedi SCADA is our web-based open system that works with any digital monitoring hardware to deliver real-time operational data, allowing users to remotely view and control field equipment.

    Zedi SCADA